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Gin Rummy Association
Information about the World Series of Gin Rummy and the Gin Rummy Association. Here you will find tournament schedules, tournament info, news and membership info.

Wikipedia Rummy games
Details general features of Rummy-style games. Here you will find the general rules for Rummy plus links to the rules of a list of 25 Rummy variants.

Rummy Talk
This is the place to learn about Rummy basics, score and counts, player types, opening play, middle and late play, offensive/defensive opponents, mathematics of Gin Rummy, typical hands and partnership play.

Rummy blog
The Rummy Zone Webblog is to provide a venue for all rummy players. The webblog features 22 different game categories including Online Rummy, Rules and Strategies.

Gin Rummy books at Amazon
Hundreds of Rummy related books you can order on-line.

Online Rummy Rules
Online rules for 30 different rummy games plus Rummy 101, Rummy Strategies, Rummy History and information about online rummy.


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