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Rummy is one of the most popular card games of which Gin Rummy is the most popular variant. Recently many Rummy variants have appeared online offering the public a chance to compete with players from all over the world.

If you already like playing Rummy, you will most certainly love playing Online Rummy... especially if it is FREE. has gathered together select Rummy web sites that offer FREE Rummy that are browser based games, games that require a download and Java based games. See the Free Rummy Software section of Free Rummy for Rummy computer, palm and Pocket PC Rummy software.

Free Online RummyAmong the listed rummy sites you will find many rummy variations such as Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin Rummy, Kalooki, Rummy 5000, Pan and more.

Some rummy sites have schools where you can hone your skills playing against rummy bots. Most of the rummy sites listed here also offer deposit options when you feel your game is good enough to compete for real money.

Go ahead an press those PLAY NOW buttons and start having real Rummy fun!

Diamond Yahoo Games

Play Gin Rummy - New at Gin Rummy? Play free Gin Rummy online, learn the basics, game play, scoring and glossary. Play now


Download free rummy software and play free rummy games including Rummy, Gin Rummy, Rummy 500 and more. Play Rummy with players from around the world and in exciting tournaments. Play now

Heart Canasis

Canasas - a card game featuring thousands of canasta rule variations.Full scoring charts and game state. Challenging yet easy to learn. Play now


Play Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, single player or multi player rummy. Play now


Play FREE Gin Rummy - Play standard Gin Rummy, Gin only, Oklahoma Gin. One hundred to 500 point games and multi-player gin tournaments. Join in Gin Rummy Ladder and win big prizes. Play now

Diamond Rummy Royal

Play for FREE with friends - Choose between Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin, Kalooki, and Traditional Rummy. All games come with their respective rules, demo, game preview and strategy tips. Download required. Play FREE Rummy in "Practice Mode" . Play now


Play Rummy 500 - A two player variation of Rummy in which points are added for cards melded and subtracted for cards left in the player's hand when the game ends. Gin Rummy - A two player game where you try to make suits (runs) or 3 to 4 of a kind to make Gin, or Knock to win. Pan - A Rummy variation for 2 or more players who make combos of 3 or more cards in runs or sets using 11 cards. No download required, no need to create a new account when you play as a guest. Mac OS X not supported.


Play Gin Rummy against live opponents | Play Pan - A community supported site where you can play card or board games online in real time. No download required, play with friends from Skype, Icq etc. Online tournaments official and private, complete archive of past games.


Play Gin Rummy online - Play Java based Gin Rummy for FREE. Just sign-up, log-in and start playing Gin Rummy. Play now


Play Gin Rummy - Play regular Gin Rummy, Gin only game and Oklahoma Gin. Play against opponents worldwide. Play now


Gin Rummy - Play for fun or real money. You can practice-play for FREE. Extensive helpful game information and training. Multiplayer lobby, no downloads. Play now


Jungle Gin - A tropical twist on the classical card game of runs, sets and melds. Play against a bot or other players. FREE TRIAL. Game is only available to Club Pogo members. Play now

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