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Rummy botsPlay Rummy anytime you want 24/7, how?... Challenge a bot!

Rummy bots are available at online rummy web sites or downloadable rummy game software. Whether it be for an experienced rummy player, or a newbie, rummy bots are useful and fun.

If you are learning rummy and you are self conscious about your game, a bot may be just what you need to practice with. If you are an experienced player a Pro-bot may help you top off your skill.

Although not publicized, some of the online rummy web sites offer some form of bot play. Explore the different offers out there and challenge a bot. Good luck.

Ace Online internet bots Gin Rummy Bot – In addition to playing against real players around the world, you can practice with a rummy bot. Start with the RookieBot and move on the the AmateurBot. You will know you are improving when these bots stop accepting your challenges. The ProBot is happy to play all players. Press on the Bots Guide link on the left column.

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Free Downloads Center – Program: Free Rummy Board Game for Widows 7.18 – Description: Freeware Rummy software for Windows 7.02. The software includes Dream Coach. This professor will point out the best move for you as well as why you should do it, the perfect learning tool! You will have 24 different bots to play against, all with different personalities and 5 different skill levels. You can also play online with real opponents at

Free Downloads Center – Program: Cub Rummy 1.1 – Description: Freeware Rummy Tile software. Try to beat the bot with 3 variations of Tile Rummy. Game is popular all over the world.

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